Global Forex Market Fund

Major asset markets and political regions are currently experiencing a continuous turmoil, which triggered crises in different aspects. At the same time, the turbulent environment created abundance of great opportunities, especially in the currency market. Global Forex Market Fund is a close-ended fund. objective is to bring investors consistent return, at the same time to preserve the investment principal. The investment principal will be invested into foreign exchange market and also through market market instruments to generate income. The bank adopted efficient investment and trading strategies and rigorous risk control measures to achieve the above investment objectives. 

6-Yr Back-Testing Result

Currency pairs:

Average Return (6 Years):
22.34% per annum

Maximum Drawdown: 8.21%

Return for least performing yea: 16.51% (Still larger than the fixed return of the Fund)

Product Highlights

Strive for higher returns while ensuring the safety of the principal invested

Multiple risk control, supervision and strict safeguards to minimize investment risk.

Invest in multiple currency pairs to gain market opportunities with low risks. At the same time, the allocation will be distributed on multiple trading platforms in order to increase arbitrage opportunities for stable returns.

Comprehensive artificial intelligence and analysis from experienced analysts to identify potential market opportunities and risks.

Risk Control

Compliance Risk

Tight compliance control in order to achieve full compliance, legitimate and reasonable investment

Profitability Risk

Monitoring each trading lot size and tight internal polilcy including stop loss restriction to mitigate risk

Market Risk

Combination of both fundamental and technical analysis in order to achieve real time decision making

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