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Company Registration

Year 2015
Labuan International Business Financial Centre, Malaysia


Year 2017
Authorized Investment Bank

Registered Headquarter


Representatives & Locations

Kuala Lumpur, Nanjing,
Hong Kong, Hainan

Asia Pacific Investment Bank Ltd (APIB) 

Asia Pacific Investment Bank Ltd (APIB) is wholly owned by Asia Pacific Wenjing Financial Group Ltd. (Registration No.: LL.10729). Asia Pacific Wenjing Financial Group is established overseas (in Malaysia) by a well-known Chinese state-owned enterprise and is a pilot arm for international financial services especially in the “One Belt, One Road” countries. Asia Pacific Investment Bank was registered in the Labuan International Business Financial Centre in 2015 and obtained the investment banking license in April 2017 (Registration No: LL.11654).


Asia Pacific Investment Bank is currently registered and headquartered in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia. The main operating office is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with representative offices and business headquarters in Nanjing, Hong Kong and Hainan. At present, Asia Pacific Investment Bank’s business includes six major segments, namely five core segments of investment banking, asset management, international trade finance, global trading and Islamic finance, as well as a special service segment of digital finance.

Asia Pacific Investment Bank's Subsidiary - Asia Digital Bank

Asia Digital Bank Ltd (Registration number: LL16434) is established by Asia Pacific Investment Bank. In November 2019, it was approved by the Labuan Financial Services Authority Malaysia, officially becoming the first to obtain a digital banking (investment banking) license in Malaysia. AsiaDB is currently utilizing the digital finance metaverse platform, A-Bank, to provide innovative financial services to global enterprises and individuals.

Key Services

The key service areas include: digital finance, infrastructure construction, GEP (green environment protection), high-end manufacturing, cultural tourism, healthcare, commodity trading, etc.

Corporate Vision


Establishing a strong base in Malaysia and ASEAN while connecting to the world, catalyzing high quality development of physical economy using “Tech + Finance”, promoting the Digitalization and Internationalization of the renminbi assets.


Rooted in traditional investment banking business and striving for modern financial innovation to construct a globally competitive digital investment bank.

Contact: 603-2382 2126 / 6017-692 6126   |   Email: apibank@apdib.com

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